Nvidia GeForce 347.09 beta driver

It seems that a lot of GPU problems revolve around specific versions of drivers. Though NVidia has their own support structure, you can often learn from information reported by others who fold.

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Re: Nvidia GeForce 347.09 beta driver

Postby clearview22 » Thu Jan 01, 2015 2:43 pm

Happy New Year Everyone! The start of 2015 is a great time for Nvidia to roll out a new driver that addresses issues with the folding@home program. Loyal customers that buy video cards for the raw computational power in a volunteer effort to further research, through shared computing. The Nvidia 970/980 platform is a big step forward in power savings without the die shrink and the added expense. Provide us the software to let this platform shine. And no I am not signing on to reddit, this website is fine and has been for a long time. Thank you for providing it.
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Re: Nvidia GeForce 347.09 beta driver

Postby davidcoton » Thu Jan 01, 2015 10:08 pm

Who are you aiming this post at? The problem is in nVidia's driver, not PG's software (indeed Core18 tries to work round the problem, at the expense of performance). nVidia are unlikely to read your post here. Try their forum. It probably won't help as there is a substantial thread already, though possibly on the wrong forum, but nVidia have not given any public response. (And as your comment shows you know, this is not the right place to address requests to PG. This is now purely a support forum, mainly read by folders themselves and not PG.)
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Re: Nvidia GeForce 347.09 beta driver

Postby bruce » Thu Jan 01, 2015 10:40 pm

I agree with davidcoton.

What kind of Community-based-support are you requesting? I know of no work-arounds for the problem you're asking about.

There's already a topic on the subreddit discussing better support for Maxwell. It's not clear that there's anything the Pande Group can do with your request. (See two-week old response from VijayPande-FAH.)
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