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Fedora not folding

PostPosted: Wed Jun 17, 2020 4:48 am
by armonica
F31, AMD Threadripper 24, nvidia GTX 1060.
Machine was running 7.5.1-1. No problem. Recently I noticed in gkrellm that it's not running. What's happening is I get a burst of 100% briefly on all CPUs and then it goes right back to idle.
Looked for trouble in the questions. Updated to 7.6.13-1. Made sure /etc/fahclient/config.xml is still there and right. Appears to be fine.
Restarted. Same thing. Tail of the latest log file shows:
03:08:39:WU02:FS00:0xa7:WARNING:Unexpected exit() call
03:08:39:WU02:FS00:0xa7:WARNING:Unexpected exit from science code
03:08:39:WU02:FS00:0xa7:Saving result file ../logfile_01.txt
03:08:39:WU02:FS00:0xa7:Saving result file md.log
03:08:39:WU02:FS00:0xa7:Saving result file science.log
03:08:40:WU02:FS00:FahCore returned: INTERRUPTED (102 = 0x66)
03:09:05:ERROR:WU00:FS01:Exception: Server did not assign work unit
03:09:09:Lost lifeline PID 291875, exiting
03:09:09:Lost lifeline PID 291875, exiting
03:09:10:Clean exit

Just be patient?

Side note - No matter what I try the GPU refuses to work with FAH.
<power v='FULL'/>
<!-- Folding Slots -->
<slot id='0' type='CPU'/>
<slot id='1' type='GPU'/>

Re: Fedora not folding

PostPosted: Wed Jun 17, 2020 8:15 am
by PantherX
Welcome to the F@H Forum armonica,

Can you please post the log file? Ensure you include the first 100 lines which will inform us of what the system configuration is and what the client settings are. If you require guidance, please view this topic: viewtopic.php?f=24&t=26036