Catalyst 14.12 Omega & 7970

It seems that a lot of GPU problems revolve around specific versions of drivers. Though AMD has their own support structure, you can often learn from information reported by others who fold.

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Re: Catalyst 14.12 Omega & 7970

Postby DarkFoss » Thu Jan 01, 2015 9:03 pm

Thank foldy for taking the time to post a work-around . :) I'll check it out later today.

@MadMutt I'm not suprized that you see the bug/regression so far it seems to be only affecting the original GNC 1.0 cards. The 270/280 series are re-badged versions based on GNC 1.0. Only the 260/290 series are GNC 1.1 and the new 285x is GNC 1.2.

*Edit* Spoke too soon took about an hour and a half for the WU times to stretch to over 10 min again :p Got ticked off and reinstalled the 14.9 beta then stopped the 14.12 installation overwrote the 10 opencl files in the Omega with the beta ones and restarted the installation. Got a UAC warning but other than that Folding is now normal and I'm finally able to enjoy the new drivers. Probably should have used the 14.9 official to avoid the UAC warning but for me the 14.9 beta works the best.
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