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FAQ: GPUs.txt (aka the Whitelist/blacklist)

PostPosted: Thu Apr 05, 2012 9:33 pm
by bruce
Q: Is my GPU supported?

1) Start any version of the FAHClient beyond V7.2.9+, preferably the latest, and see what it says. The GPU will be shown about 35 lines from the top of the V7 log near the bottom of the ** System ** section or the System Info window of FAHCcontrol.

2) If you don't see it, find the VendorID:DeviceID of your GPU. These can be obtained by running gpu-z and looking six lines down for "device ID" or by running fahclient --lspci (with two dashes) or by looking at the device properties in your device manager. Download the latest copy of GPUs.txt and search for those device codes.

The latest Whitelist can be found here There is a changelog here.

3) If your GPU is listed in the downloaded file and you're running V7.1.x, save it in the FAHClient data_directory and restart FAHClient. (Or see the instructions here.)
Note: Many people have trouble with the step about downloading GPUs.txt to the "run directory." In Windows, it can always be found by opening the shortcut called "Data_directory" that's found in "All Programs"

4) If your GPU is NOT on the downloaded list, search for a post containing those device codes. If you find it there, please be patient. If you still have not found your GPU, post the VendorID:DeviceID of your GPU in one of the threads in this forum.

NOTE: It may be easier to download GPUs.txt into the FAH "data directory" and restart the client than to actually go through all the steps. There are no announcements planned when GPUs.txt is updated so you can just try the latest version first. There's no harm in trying it.

Also NOTE: FAH V7.2.x+ automatically updates GPUs.txt so manual updates should no longer required.

Re: GPUs.txt

PostPosted: Sun May 20, 2012 8:48 pm
by bruce
V6 has a -forcegpu flag allowing you to fold on unauthorized GPUs. V7 does NOT have that capability. Every GPU must be authorized by Stanford, and at that time, they will add it to both the Server's list and to GPUs.txt with the lspci codes. They must be listed both places.