New Asus GTX 780 Ti won't fold {Fixed}

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Re: New Asus GTX 780 Ti won't fold {Fixed}

Postby bruce » Tue Nov 19, 2013 5:13 am

widsss wrote:I'm having the same problem as WhatsMyNameiDunno. Not only is the Ti unrecognized by F@H, but my rig doesn't recognize the 780ti at all. My drivers are up to date, 331.65 I believe. There's been a different 780 successfully folding in it for a few weeks. In the Nvidia control panel, only the original 780 is showing up. I tried different PCi slots, even putting the Ti in the slot used by the other 780. I'm at a dead end with ideas, usually this stuff is plug and play.

If you're running MS Windows, go to the "Data Directory" found all programs and view the log file. Post the first couple of pages so we can see what it's actually identifying.

Delete the file GPUs.txt from that directory and restart FAHClient (or reboot). If you're connected to the internet, it will update itself with a new copy. Did the detection issue change?
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