Please add AMD Radeon Pro WX 3200 Series to GPUs.txt

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Please add AMD Radeon Pro WX 3200 Series to GPUs.txt

Postby dfirons » Thu Oct 24, 2019 10:20 am

Name: AMD Radeon Pro WX 3200
Device ID: 1002 6981 - 103C 854C


Code: Select all
*********************** Log Started 2019-10-22T19:55:02Z ***********************
19:55:02:************************* Folding@home Client *************************
19:55:02:        Website:
19:55:02:      Copyright: (c) 2009-2018
19:55:02:         Author: Joseph Coffland <>
19:55:02:           Args:
19:55:02:         Config: C:\Users\David\AppData\Roaming\FAHClient\config.xml
19:55:02:******************************** Build ********************************
19:55:02:        Version: 7.5.1
19:55:02:           Date: May 11 2018
19:55:02:           Time: 13:06:32
19:55:02:     Repository: Git
19:55:02:       Revision: 4705bf53c635f88b8fe85af7675557e15d491ff0
19:55:02:         Branch: master
19:55:02:       Compiler: Visual C++ 2008
19:55:02:        Options: /TP /nologo /EHa /wd4297 /wd4103 /Ox /MT
19:55:02:       Platform: win32 10
19:55:02:           Bits: 32
19:55:02:           Mode: Release
19:55:02:******************************* System ********************************
19:55:02:            CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8665U CPU @ 1.90GHz
19:55:02:         CPU ID: GenuineIntel Family 6 Model 142 Stepping 12
19:55:02:           CPUs: 8
19:55:02:         Memory: 15.81GiB
19:55:02:    Free Memory: 13.89GiB
19:55:02:        Threads: WINDOWS_THREADS
19:55:02:     OS Version: 6.2
19:55:02:    Has Battery: true
19:55:02:     On Battery: false
19:55:02:     UTC Offset: 13
19:55:02:            PID: 7660
19:55:02:            CWD: C:\WINDOWS\system32
19:55:02:             OS: Windows 10 Enterprise
19:55:02:        OS Arch: AMD64
19:55:02:           GPUs: 0
19:55:02:           CUDA: Not detected: Failed to open dynamic library 'nvcuda.dll': The
19:55:02:                 specified module could not be found.
19:55:02:OpenCL Device 0: Platform:0 Device:0 Bus:NA Slot:NA Compute:2.1 Driver:25.20
19:55:02:OpenCL Device 2: Platform:1 Device:0 Bus:60 Slot:0 Compute:1.2 Driver:2841.5
19:55:02:  Win32 Service: true
19:55:02:  <!-- Client Control -->
19:55:02:  <open-web-control v='true'/>
19:55:02:  <!-- HTTP Server -->
19:55:02:  <allow v=''/>
19:55:02:  <!-- Network -->
19:55:02:  <proxy v=':8080'/>
19:55:02:  <!-- Remote Command Server -->
19:55:02:  <command-allow-no-pass v=''/>
19:55:02:  <password v='********'/>
19:55:02:  <!-- Slot Control -->
19:55:02:  <power v='medium'/>
19:55:02:  <!-- User Information -->
19:55:02:  <passkey v='********************************'/>
19:55:02:  <team v='233223'/>
19:55:02:  <user v='dfirons_ALL_12Lhow3NvwYsZL4QFST2TqKdRoDf5v7FQH'/>
19:55:02:  <!-- Work Unit Control -->
19:55:02:  <next-unit-percentage v='100'/>
19:55:02:  <!-- Folding Slots -->
19:55:02:  <slot id='0' type='CPU'/>
19:55:02:Trying to access database...
19:55:02:Successfully acquired database lock
19:55:02:Enabled folding slot 00: READY cpu:7
19:55:02:ERROR:Exception: Failed to register systray icon: Unspecified error
19:55:02:WU01:FS00:Running FahCore: "C:\Program Files (x86)\FAHClient/FAHCoreWrapper.exe" C:\Users\David\AppData\Roaming\FAHClient\cores/ -dir 01 -suffix 01 -version 705 -lifeline 7660 -checkpoint 15 -np 7 -service
19:55:02:WU01:FS00:Started FahCore on PID 12004
19:55:04:WU01:FS00:Core PID:13020
19:55:04:WU01:FS00:FahCore 0xa7 started
19:55:05:WU01:FS00:0xa7:*********************** Log Started 2019-10-22T19:55:04Z ***********************
19:55:05:WU01:FS00:0xa7:************************** Gromacs Folding@home Core ***************************
19:55:05:WU01:FS00:0xa7:       Type: 0xa7
19:55:05:WU01:FS00:0xa7:       Core: Gromacs
19:55:05:WU01:FS00:0xa7:    Website:
19:55:05:WU01:FS00:0xa7:  Copyright: (c) 2009-2018
19:55:05:WU01:FS00:0xa7:     Author: Joseph Coffland <>
19:55:05:WU01:FS00:0xa7:       Args: -dir 01 -suffix 01 -version 705 -lifeline 12004 -checkpoint 15 -np
19:55:05:WU01:FS00:0xa7:             7 -service
19:55:05:WU01:FS00:0xa7:     Config: <none>
19:55:05:WU01:FS00:0xa7:************************************ Build *************************************
19:55:05:WU01:FS00:0xa7:    Version: 0.0.17
19:55:05:WU01:FS00:0xa7:       Date: Apr 27 2018
19:55:05:WU01:FS00:0xa7:       Time: 16:19:36
19:55:05:WU01:FS00:0xa7: Repository: Git
19:55:05:WU01:FS00:0xa7:   Revision: 21359963583d09ec2063ef946399441c4df4ccd7
19:55:05:WU01:FS00:0xa7:     Branch: master
19:55:05:WU01:FS00:0xa7:   Compiler: Visual C++ 2008
19:55:05:WU01:FS00:0xa7:    Options: /TP /nologo /EHa /wd4297 /wd4103 /Ox /MT
19:55:05:WU01:FS00:0xa7:   Platform: win32 10
19:55:05:WU01:FS00:0xa7:       Bits: 64
19:55:05:WU01:FS00:0xa7:       Mode: Release
19:55:05:WU01:FS00:0xa7:       SIMD: avx_256
19:55:05:WU01:FS00:0xa7:************************************ System ************************************
19:55:05:WU01:FS00:0xa7:        CPU: Unknown
19:55:05:WU01:FS00:0xa7:     CPU ID:
19:55:05:WU01:FS00:0xa7:       CPUs: 8
19:55:05:WU01:FS00:0xa7:     Memory: 15.81GiB
19:55:05:WU01:FS00:0xa7:Free Memory: 13.12GiB
19:55:05:WU01:FS00:0xa7:    Threads: WINDOWS_THREADS
19:55:05:WU01:FS00:0xa7: OS Version: 6.2
19:55:05:WU01:FS00:0xa7:Has Battery: true
19:55:05:WU01:FS00:0xa7: On Battery: false
19:55:05:WU01:FS00:0xa7: UTC Offset: 13
19:55:05:WU01:FS00:0xa7:        PID: 13020
19:55:05:WU01:FS00:0xa7:        CWD: C:\Users\David\AppData\Roaming\FAHClient\work
19:55:05:WU01:FS00:0xa7:         OS: Windows 10 Pro
19:55:05:WU01:FS00:0xa7:    OS Arch: AMD64
19:55:05:WU01:FS00:0xa7:Project: 13794 (Run 6, Clone 322, Gen 0)
19:55:05:WU01:FS00:0xa7:Unit: 0x000000010002894c5dae0b4728079543
19:55:05:WU01:FS00:0xa7:Digital signatures verified
19:55:05:WU01:FS00:0xa7:Reducing thread count from 7 to 6 to avoid domain decomposition by a prime number > 3
19:55:05:WU01:FS00:0xa7:Calling: mdrun -s frame0.tpr -o frame0.trr -cpi state.cpt -cpt 15 -nt 6
19:55:05:WU01:FS00:0xa7:Steps: first=0 total=2500000
19:55:06:WU01:FS00:0xa7:Completed 1451032 out of 2500000 steps (58%)


01:02:43:WU01:FS00:0xa7:Completed 2500000 out of 2500000 steps (100%)
01:02:44:WU01:FS00:0xa7:Saving result file ..\logfile_01.txt
01:02:44:WU01:FS00:0xa7:Saving result file ener.edr
01:02:44:WU01:FS00:0xa7:Saving result file frame0.trr
01:02:44:WU00:FS00:Connecting to
01:02:44:WU01:FS00:0xa7:Saving result file md.log
01:02:44:WU01:FS00:0xa7:Saving result file pullf.xvg
01:02:44:WU01:FS00:0xa7:Saving result file pullx.xvg
01:02:44:WU01:FS00:0xa7:Saving result file science.log
01:02:44:WU01:FS00:0xa7:Saving result file traj_comp.xtc
01:02:44:WU01:FS00:0xa7:Folding@home Core Shutdown: FINISHED_UNIT
01:02:44:WU00:FS00:Assigned to work server
01:02:44:WU00:FS00:Requesting new work unit for slot 00: RUNNING cpu:7 from
01:02:44:WU00:FS00:Connecting to
01:02:45:WU01:FS00:FahCore returned: FINISHED_UNIT (100 = 0x64)
01:02:45:WU01:FS00:Sending unit results: id:01 state:SEND error:NO_ERROR project:13794 run:6 clone:322 gen:0 core:0xa7 unit:0x000000010002894c5dae0b4728079543
01:02:45:WU00:FS00:Downloading 6.65MiB
01:02:45:WU01:FS00:Uploading 27.56MiB to
01:02:45:WU01:FS00:Connecting to
01:02:50:WU00:FS00:Download complete
01:02:51:WU00:FS00:Received Unit: id:00 state:DOWNLOAD error:NO_ERROR project:14190 run:38 clone:7 gen:11 core:0xa7 unit:0x0000000e0002894b5d5d2bc076337618
01:02:51:WU00:FS00:Running FahCore: "C:\Program Files (x86)\FAHClient/FAHCoreWrapper.exe" C:\Users\David\AppData\Roaming\FAHClient\cores/ -dir 00 -suffix 01 -version 705 -lifeline 7660 -checkpoint 15 -np 7 -service
01:02:51:WU00:FS00:Started FahCore on PID 16316
01:02:51:WU00:FS00:Core PID:13636
01:02:51:WU00:FS00:FahCore 0xa7 started
01:02:51:WU00:FS00:0xa7:*********************** Log Started 2019-10-23T01:02:51Z ***********************

This is running in a laptop with integrated Intel graphics (OpenCL Device 0) and the aforementioned WX 3200 (OpenCL Device 2)

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Re: Please add AMD Radeon Pro WX 3200 Series to GPUs.txt

Postby JimboPalmer » Thu Oct 24, 2019 7:02 pm

I can find a driver for the workstation card from AMD. ... ro-wx-3200
and for a mobile card ... ro-wx-3200

It is not clear you are running either of these. (You may be, but I can't help but think you are running the generic Radeon Adrenalin 2019 Edition 19.4.3 instead)

There is no obvious reason it should not work if someone whitelists it and you load the correct driver.
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Re: Please add AMD Radeon Pro WX 3200 Series to GPUs.txt

Postby bruce » Thu Oct 24, 2019 7:40 pm

The Whitelist has been updated but you're responsible for the BIOS configuration so that your system doesn't disable the GPU to save power when it decides to switch to the Intel iGPU.
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Re: Please add AMD Radeon Pro WX 3200 Series to GPUs.txt

Postby dfirons » Thu Oct 24, 2019 10:26 pm

Thanks, Bruce. I'll figure it out. I've reviewed the BIOS settings and was surprised to find very little in the way of settings for the video cards.
Thanks, JimboPalmer. My guess is it will be the "mobile" version given it's in a laptop, but I'll experiment until I get it working. I'm just looking at donating some additional processing given I have the card (came already installed in a new HP ZBook) and I'm unlikely to make much use of it otherwise.

Appreciate your taking time to respond.
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Re: Please add AMD Radeon Pro WX 3200 Series to GPUs.txt

Postby dfirons » Fri Oct 25, 2019 11:14 am

@JimboPalmer - just for the record, that driver (Radeon Adrenalin 2019 Edition 19.4.3) is correct and comes in the latest compatible driver package. The links for the WX 3200 vs WX 3200 Mobile are actually the same and download the same driver install package.
With the GPUs.txt updated, I just had to uninstall FAHClient and re-install (because my previous install was "as a Windows Service", so needed to change to "start at log on") and it detected the GPU straight away and it's now folding.

Thanks again for your assistance
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Re: Please add AMD Radeon Pro WX 3200 Series to GPUs.txt

Postby JimboPalmer » Fri Oct 25, 2019 2:26 pm

And thank you for the update!
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