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Metadata for GPUs.txt?

PostPosted: Sun Mar 29, 2020 3:57 pm
by StanGreen
It looks like GPUs.txt has 5 columns separated by a colon (:), but I am not sure what each column means. Yes, the name is clear, but what are the other 4 columns? Also, I assume one of the columns denotes which is whitelisted and which is blacklisted. If this is not true, how do I separate the whitelist from the blacklist.?

Re: Metadata for GPUs.txt?

PostPosted: Sun Mar 29, 2020 5:33 pm
by jonault
The first two columns are the signature used to identify the card.

The third column indicates the brand - 1 for ATI/AMD, 2 for NVIDIA.

The fourth column indicates the capabilities of the processor on the card. These are brand specific from what I've read elsewhere on the forum. Higher values are better, but I don't know what the threshold is for a card to be supported - again that seems to vary between NVIDIA & AMD.

The last column is just a text identifier.

If I want to know whether a GPU is supported by F@H, I just go look it up in the TechPowerUp GPU database. If the card supports OpenCL 1.2 and 64 bit floating point, it should be able to fold; if it's missing either of those things, it won't.

Re: Metadata for GPUs.txt?

PostPosted: Sun Mar 29, 2020 7:58 pm
by Joe_H
Blackisted devices will have zero or nothing entered into the 3rd and 4th columns.

Whitelisted cards will not be used if the value in the 4th column is not high enough for the brand card, this is referred to as "species" usually among the F@h support group. This can represent lack of DP support for example. There were GPU projects up until last year that did not require DP, so there are some cards which need moving to the blacklist at one point

AMD cards have an additional issue. Originally they were entered based on which series they were in and the species number set accordingly. But with the mix of technologies AMD used in each series, cards that support DP and those which do not were lumped together. As ones are identified that incorrectly indicate they have DP available, but do not, the file is getting update to reflect that.

RDNA based cards required a new species number, they required a code update to be used. That update is only available in the GPU Core_22 and is not going to be back ported to Core_21.