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gpu windows 10 problem ?

PostPosted: Fri Apr 24, 2020 4:22 pm
by rikki-warner
i got two pc im setting up for folding at home on is a 1800x with a rx480 and one with a 1500x and a gtx 1050 none of them are showing gpu in foldering at home but are showing in systeam info tab have ddu and reinstalled driver with no luck

Re: gpu windows 10 problem ?

PostPosted: Fri Apr 24, 2020 4:34 pm
by bruce
The client is supposed to download a file called GPUs.txt on it's first contact with the internet. A bug in FAHClient v7.6.9 causes it to skip this step. It may be downloaded later or you can download it manually. The Windows client often configures a setting GPU=FALSE which must be removed. (The Linux client is different and I'm not sure about OS_X.) After completing those two steps, restarting the client should take care of it.

Re: gpu windows 10 problem ?

PostPosted: Fri Apr 24, 2020 4:38 pm
by ajm
Windows 10 is probably not the problem, but there is an issue with GPU slots when using version 7.6.9 of the client software. It can usually be solved this way:

PantherX wrote:Manually download the GPUs.txt file from here: (right-click save as GPUs.txt)
Exit the client
Copy the GPUs.txt file from the Downloads folder to %AppData%\FAHClient
Reboot your system
Start up the client and ensure that you can see your GPU in the log file
Add a GPU slot from FAHControl -> Configure -> Slots tab -> Add -> GPU -> OK -> Save

If that doesn't help please post your log: viewtopic.php?p=327412&f=24#p327412

Re: gpu windows 10 problem ?

PostPosted: Thu May 28, 2020 11:04 am
by rikki-warner
it working now thank my fault had to add the gpu lol