Main Website Homepage Needs Updating

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Re: Main Website Homepage Needs Updating

Postby Jesse_V » Thu Jan 24, 2013 10:00 pm

Some more streamlining and organization:
  • Download2011 is cleaned up. If you click "Older Versions" from the homepage, this is the page you go to, and was the previous homepage. The v6 uniprocessor clients were recommended from this page, and the v6 SMP/GPU clients were hidden away on DownloadWinOther because they were beta and experimental. SMP and GPU methods are now standard, so I merged the two pages. Now you can find all older version on one page. This should also fix most of the navigation issues reported in viewtopic.php?p=232880#p232877
  • All links to DownloadWinOther now redirect to Download2011 because all the information is there. So all old links still work.
  • There were some user- and team-name FAQs in Download2011. They were originally fine there because that was once the homepage, but not anymore. I moved them to so now they are more obvious.
  • The fascinating "Protein Folding Problem, 50 years on" YouTube video from ... rs-on.html is now at the bottom of the Science FAQ. It's a pretty fantastic and informative video, even though it mentions protein structure prediction a bit more than protein folding.
These changes should help with the friendliness of the site.
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Re: Main Website Homepage Needs Updating

Postby 7im » Thu Jan 24, 2013 11:04 pm

Is there any reason to keep the v6.23 GPU2 clients on that download page? Removing them would help shrink that page a lot.

We can also use the v6.34 client link for both UNI and SMP clients. It supports both modes. No need for v6.02, is there?

Same for the already depreacated v6.30 listed at the bottom?

Or at least move these to the Old Client page...?!
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Re: Main Website Homepage Needs Updating

Postby Joe_H » Fri Jan 25, 2013 1:38 am

Should the Macintosh client downloads for the 6.24 and 6.29 versions remain on Download2011 as well? There has been no work available for those clients since early November. Since December there has been no work for the V5 PPC clients linked from the Mac OS X PPC Clients link on that page as well. You might have to check with Drs. Pande and Kasson if they should be removed, at the least I would add notes indicating those clients have been deprecated.

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Re: Main Website Homepage Needs Updating

Postby Jesse_V » Wed Feb 13, 2013 6:33 am

Those old client versions were removed. Thanks 7im and Joe_H!

There is also one GPU FAQ. The documentation for ATI and Nvidia now overlaps to such a degree that it no longer makes sense, at least right now, to maintain two distinct FAQs. This should also cut down on the volume of information out there. :)

Thanks 7im for helping make the High Performance and SMP FAQs a bit more clear. :D
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