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LAN Partys / Gaming Events

PostPosted: Mon Dec 16, 2013 5:47 pm
by trench
What about creating a event package that can be easily implemented on yearly Gaming LAN Partys? When I was younger I used to attend to programming contests [demoparty] (Assembly in Finland, The Party in Denmark, Remedy in Sweden) which are nowdays more or less pure Gaming-only parties (e.g. Dreamhack in Sweden). Anyway, events such as these often gather more than thousands of youths - that bring their own computers that are often built for high-performance gaming (NVIDIA rigs). This is an amazing oppertunity to introduce event participants to Folding@Home, especially if you make it into a contest. My suggestion:

- Create a event webpage with incentive, graphics and instructions on how a party organizer can participate. For instance, party/fah competition participants must join the partys team while on place - top participant are rewarded a diploma + gift certificate (or something), other participants all get diplomas.

The page may also contain some sort of login for party organizers to check contenders, IP-numbers, to manage toplists.

Re: LAN Partys / Gaming Events

PostPosted: Mon Dec 16, 2013 6:25 pm
by trench
Also, while I'm on it. What about computer stores or internet cafes? In Sweden e.g. we have which are a HUGE place where you can go and 'rent' a high-end computer in a permanent LAN for 1-n hours at a time. I imagine if they install Folding@Home in their park it would be a great contribution to the project. Print up some stickers so such companies can decorate their computers and doors with the FAH-logo and some sticky slogan like "This computer is also performing disease related research" (this would also help spread the word). You'll definitely need a "For Companies" section on the website :)