FAHClient V7.3.6 released

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FAHClient V7.3.6 released

Postby jcoffland » Sat Feb 16, 2013 2:58 am

Public Release


Below you will find a brief summary of important aspects of the new F@H Client.

Web Control
The new Web interface is designed to be very easy to use, especially for new donors. It focuses on simplicity, cross-platform support and integration with the Web. When you install the new client, it will automatically offer to open Web Control for you. Later you can access it via a bookmark, the system menu or the system tray icon in Windows.

One thing you will notice immediately in Web Control is the folding power slider bar. This allows you to easily control how much of your system's resources Folding@home uses. You can adjust this level at anytime and FAHClient will automatically reconfigure itself, without requiring a restart. However, please note that some changes require first finishing the current work unit before they can be applied. There's no longer any need to worry about all the low-level configuration options needed to customize Folding@home to your computer's needs or to optimize for maximum performance. All you need to do is click and drag the slider to your desired level of contribution.

If you are familiar with FAHControl, you will notice some major changes. FAHControl is now considered our expert interface. This will allow us to focus on features for expert donors. Do note that the novice/advanced mode, project descriptions, system/notification tray icon and local client start up/quitting have been removed. The result is a much leaner FAHControl and less confusion about how FAHClient is started.

FAHControl now has a folding power slider bar which is still inked to the Web Control. The Fold/Pause/Finish/View buttons are now accessible by right clicking on individual slots instead of buttons on the main toolbar.
NOTE:The default position of the slider is less than the 100% that you were used to. See Performance Levels

FAHClient is the workhorse which communicates with our servers and manages the folding process behind the scenes. For new installs, FAHClient will now start off paused while it waits for you to either tell it to fold anonymously or configure a name and/or a team and/or passkey before the first work unit is downloaded.

In Windows, FAHClient has gained its own system/notification tray icon which now has features found previously in FAHControl. This allowed us to run FAHClient behind the scenes in Windows, just like it does in Linux and OSX, yet still give you control over the process without having to run a low-level tool like Task Manager. It has a popup menu which allows you to quickly control folding or shut it down completely. Please note that in Windows 7 and above, system/notification tray icons automatically go in to the overflow area after 45 seconds. This is a "feature" of Windows and Microsoft has intentionally made it very difficult to get around this. You can configure Windows to always show the icon or you can find it again easily by opening the icon overflow area.

Power Management
FAHClient will detect if the computer is idle (OSX/Windows only) and start "Idle" folding slots. This new version also makes sure your laptop keeps folding when it is plugged in by keeping your computer from going completely to sleep. As with previous versions, FAHClient will detect if your laptop is running on battery and automatically disable itself to save your battery. Our aim is to get the maximum contribution from your computer while running in absolute stealth mode. You should hardly even notice it's running with default settings!

Many versions and several years ago, Folding@home ran exclusively as a screensaver but that was dropped somewhere along the way. Presumably because screensavers have become less popular now that they are no longer required to "save" your screen. However, we've now brought back that feature for new reasons.

The new Folding@home screensaver is now installed but not enabled by default in Windows (OSX doesn't have the screensaver yet). This screensaver will activate folding on GPU(s) only when the computer is idle. Because of this, GPU slot(s) are now enabled by default, in "Idle" mode, on all machines with compatible hardware running Windows operating system (GPU folding for Linux/OSX is in the works but there's no ETA). This guarantees that GPU folding will not interfere with desktop application(s) or game(s) which, in the past, were a deterrent for some users. Donors with high performance computers can increase their work unit yields by choosing to fold on GPU(s) even when not idle.

Windows Installer Changes
Aside from not enabling the screensaver by default, as mentioned above, the installer now creates a "Folding@home" shortcut which both starts FAHClient, if it's not already running, and opens Web Control. This ensures that FAHClient is started before Web Control.

The installer will also try to shutdown any running FAHControl in addition to shutting down FAHClient. Although it can only shutdown V7.3.3+ FAHControl.

In addition, a drop down box in the uninstaller has been added which asks you to tell us your reason for uninstalling. If you leave it to the default then nothing will be reported. Otherwise it will contact a server at Stanford to record your selection. We hope to use this to better understand why people might leave F@H unhappily and then focus our attention on addressing the most common reasons.

Installation and user guides can be found here:
FAHControl -> The Graphical User Interface (GUI) what controls the Slots.
FAHViewer -> It shows the protein being folded, if applicable.
Pictorial Installation Guide (Windows) -> A detailed pictorial guide on the V7 installation.
Installation Guide (Windows) -> A brief guide on Windows installation.
Installation Guide (Linux) -> A guide for Linux installation.
Installation Guide (OSX) -> A guide for OSX installation that is in progress.
Client Remote Interface -> Documentation for 3rd party developers.
Main Page -> Main page of the V7.

Getting Help
Aside from the documentation the best place to get help is in this forum. If you do have a problem post a message. There are many knowledgeable people ready and willing to help. Keep in mind, we greatly appreciate thorough reports delivered by patient people who can keep a cool head even when things go wrong.

Open Tickets Ordered by Milestone and Priority
Active Tickets by Change Time
Note: Some tickets may be closed because they are fixed in an upcoming internal release but are not yet fixed in the beta release.

Change Logs
For those of you who want all the details, here they are.

  • Submit version with uninstall report.

  • pause-on-start pauses slot rather than setting power=off.
  • Optionally send brief details with uninstall report.
  • Updated Linux packages for folding power changes.

  • Simplified FB link.
  • Added Twitter and email links to Web Control header.
  • Pointed Google +1 link to http://folding.stanford.edu/
  • (Un)hide passkey on mouse over.
  • Fix logic error in previous fix for #965.
  • Fix Web Control in IE8.
  • Switched Twitter accounts.
  • Don't show RECONFIGURING when slot is turning off.
  • Fix CSS caching problem.
  • Added warning for unsupported browsers.
  • Removed throbber.
  • Added new -gpu-vendor core option for upcoming Zeta core.
  • Install but don't enable screensaver by default.
  • Upgraded Web Control to jQuery 1.9.0 and jQuery-UI 1.10.0.
  • Added option 'open-web-control'.
  • Folding@home shortcut starts FAHClient and opens Web Control in Windows.
  • Fixed: Finish-pause-finish does not finish the WU. #961
  • pause-on-start is now means set folding power to off at startup.
  • Remove old FAHContorl desktop link from v7.2.9.
  • Added uninstall reason reporting.
  • Use away mode notification instead of user input for idle in Windows.
  • Faster remote updates.
  • Added 'idle' option for individual slots.

  • Remove desktop link on uninstall.
  • Avoid stylesheet caching.

  • Attempt to solve excess disk IO problem.
  • Wait up to 5 minutes for user idle, but prevent sleep if waiting.

  • Don't keep computer from sleeping when on battery.
  • Removed "Validate Name" button from Web interface.
  • Name change "Web Client" -> "Web Control".
  • Added FAHWebControl to menu in Linux.
  • Avoid caching of main Javascript code.
  • Updated copyright dates.
  • Only one instance of Web Control. http://caniuse.com/#search=webstorage
  • Default level "medium" for machines wo/ a battery.
  • Don't both cut the number of CPUs and throttle by default.
  • Display version in Web page title.
  • By default only allow Web access from localhost regardless of 'allow'.
  • Log HTTP access errors as warnings.
  • WU not downloading at 100%, i.e. before current WU upload. #970

  • Change systray icons based on activity or failure.
  • Use system idle information as well as screensaver for idle modes.
  • Keep system from sleeping while folding. (Windows and OSX only)
  • Text changes to Web interface per suggestions in forum.
  • Added "Validate Name" button in Web interface Identity tab.
  • Signed installer. (Windows) #343
  • Changed "Restarting" to "Reconfiguring".
  • Stopped using cookies for session ID due to iframe/cookie issue w/ Safari.
  • More robust loading & timeout message for Web client.

  • Merge SMP and Uni slot types into one CPU type. #586, #693
  • Implemented new folding power levels. #396
  • Only, but always, restart cores if # CPUs or % usage has changed.
  • Eliminated waiting between successive, intentional core restarts.
  • Hide HTTP messages at log level 3 in Windows too.
  • Changed ambiguous date format in log. #947
  • Added Systray GUI in Windows. #217, #565, #487, #321
  • Allow moving config and logs across file systems. #965
  • Auto restart cores after relavant configuration changes. #261

  • Don't display fractions of credit points to reduce queue_info updates.
  • Added Web interface on port 7396.
  • Removed 'screensaver' option.
  • Added 'power' option.
  • Linked Web server 'allow' and 'deny' to 'command-allow' and '-deny'.
  • Removed quotes from GPU slot description.
  • Auto configure a SMP or Uniprocessor even if a GPU slot is configured.

  • Install with screensaver by default.
  • After 5 minutes w/ no config attempts automatically set configured=true.

  • Dropped 'unpause-while-connected <slot>' remote command.
  • Added 'screensaver' remote command.
  • Made slot-info and protein trajectory available even when paused.
  • Added slot pause reason information.
  • Add screesaver option to windows installer.
  • Choose appropriate startup command after windows installer finishes.
  • Added 'send-command' command line option.
  • Added 'send-(un)pause' and 'send-finish' command line options.
  • Shutdown any running clients on windows install.
  • Default 'pause-on-battery' to true. #743
  • Fixed: Limit ERROR: Exception: Have already seen this work unit. #496
  • Added 'configured' command which reports of the client was configured.
  • If not configured, don't start folding.
  • Added 'fold-anon' configuration option, fold even if not configured.
  • After 5 minutes if no connections automatically enable 'fold-anon'.
  • Removed client configuration options from windows installer.
  • Default gpu=true on Windows only.
  • Default smp=false if ATI GPU detected.
  • Windows: Remember custom data directory during upgrade. #838

  • UI layout adjustments.

  • Put Viewer button back on toolbar.
  • Added additional tooltips.

  • Trigger save on folding power change.
  • Fix folding power reset problem on options save.

  • Fixed OK/Cancel buttons off bottom of screen at some resolutions. #904
  • Don't show selected client status in add client dialog.
  • Added folding power slider.
  • Removed client Fold/Pause/Finish/View buttons, use slot popup menu.
  • The links for project, WS & CS can extend to the edge of the window. #977
  • Changed Quit to Exit.
  • Added --exit command line option.

  • Center About box text.

  • Updated copyright dates.
  • Restored 'Work Unit' pane to 'Status' tab.
  • Fixed Missing, hidden, and vanishing text in Ubuntu 12.04. #898
  • Remote system remains "Updating". #906

  • Removed local client startup functionality.
  • Flipped 'Folding Slots' / 'Queue' orientation. #951
  • Always list local client first. #655

  • Merged SMP and Uni slot types to CPU.
  • Removed novice/advanced/expert modes. #852
  • Removed project descriptions.
  • Enforce min GPU and CPU usage of 10%.
  • Removed all systray functionality. #217, #565, #487, #321
  • Disable search on tree views. #953
  • OSX: Don't quit app when window is closed. #606

  • Autostart client by default, if it's not already running.

  • Hide 'Folding Slot Status' column in expert/advanced.
  • Show status colors even when row is selected.

  • Fixed OSX: Copy/Paste not working. #588
  • Fixed OSX: Copy the log clears the log window. #601
  • Removed show project pane in advanced preference.
  • Moved WU info to a separate popup dialog.
  • Display Work Queue to right of Folding Slots in advanced/expert.
  • Changed 'Stats' and 'PPD' to 'Points Per Day'.
  • Hide PCRG Work Queue column in novice mode.
  • Don't show RCG in 'About Project' line.
  • Display slot status with reason in Work Queue. #743
  • Check if client is configured and popup dialog if not.

  • Updated copyright dates.

  • Removed project description.

  • Fixed slot handling when there are gaps in the sequence of IDs.
  • Improved automatic zooming.
  • Don't display info when values are unknown.


  • Don't start FAHClient.

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