Supported AMD instructions

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Supported AMD instructions

Postby Viceroy » Sun Feb 09, 2014 12:08 am

I am using an AMD FX-8350 CPU to fold with. I am wondering if the following CPU instructions are supported by the Folding@home client:


And what about Mantle? ... antle.aspx
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Re: Supported AMD instructions

Postby PantherX » Sun Feb 09, 2014 12:26 am

AVX support is being considered by PG (Pande Group) (viewtopic.php?p=244546#p244546).

Given the delay, I wonder if they will skip AVX and jump to AVX2 if it provides additional benefits, etc. Do note that Intel too supports AVX and AVX2 on some of their CPUs.

From what I have read, Mantle is only used for increasing the FPS while gaming. For optimum use of AMD GPUs, PG has already released FahCore_17 which uses OpenCL 1.1.
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Re: Supported AMD instructions

Postby artoar_11 » Sun Feb 09, 2014 4:34 pm

PantherX wrote:..............................
From what I have read, Mantle is only used for increasing the FPS while gaming. For optimum use of AMD GPUs, PG has already released FahCore_17 which uses OpenCL 1.1.

Catalyst 14.1Beta1.6 shows better performance in FAH (from IRC):

< folding_hoomer> Tested the new Catalyst 14.1Beta1.6 with my R9 290X:
<@Jesse_V> and?
< folding_hoomer> I got a significant boost in calculation time: With Project 8902 the TPF dropped from 1:35min to only 1:28min
< folding_hoomer> That results in addiotional 24K PPD . . .
< folding_hoomer> *additional
< folding_hoomer> Project 8900 and 9401 not tested yet, but will follow :-)
<@Jesse_V> very nice
< folding_hoomer> i will also test the new 14.1Beta1.6 with HD7870 . . .
< folding_hoomer> Awesome - Catalyst14.1Beta 1.6 boosted my HD7870, too!
< folding_hoomer> with Project 8900 it reduces the TPF from 5:17 min to 4:38 min (HD7870@1200MHz under Win7) and i will get additional 15K PPD
< folding_hoomer> Now my HD7870 is folding faster than my GTX670 factory OC´d under Linux!
< EXT64> Does 14.1 use a CPU core?
< EXT64> 9401 is pretty variable, so that might be harder to test (but 8900 would be interesting to see on an R9-290X)
< folding_hoomer> On my i7 875K@3808MHz - the "driver" for my HD7870 - ProcessLasso shows a CPU-usage of only 1% for Core17
< folding_hoomer> on R9 290X with Project 8900: it uses less than 10% of my C2D 6300@2600MHz - most time only 4-6% and - for a period of some seconds - one complete CPU-Core.
< folding_hoomer> the R9 290x "produces" more than 170K PPD with Project 8900 and Catalyst 14.1Beta 1.6- before i got about 150K PPD (Catalyst 13.12)
< folding_hoomer> with Project 9401 i think it is possible to get about 190K PPD with the faster ones. . .
< EXT64> Nice! Thanks for the update
< Patriot> 14.1 does bring a new OpenCL version
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Re: Supported AMD instructions

Postby B.A.T » Tue Feb 11, 2014 6:42 pm

I see the same increase.

R9 280X @1136 with 13.12 gave 115K P8900 tpf: 3:44
14.1 Beta gives 140K P8900 tpf: 3.15
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Re: Supported AMD instructions

Postby bruce » Tue Feb 11, 2014 9:55 pm

Any word on drivers and cores on Linux?

Any word on tests of HD 5xxx on Windows?
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Re: Supported AMD instructions

Postby folding_hoomer » Wed Feb 12, 2014 11:28 am

I used Catalyst 14.1Beta 1.6 with a HD5870@930MHz and got a boost, too - for about 5%, but checked with only one WU yet.
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