[tuto] openSUSE 15.3,How to get a silent and cold PC ?

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[tuto] openSUSE 15.3,How to get a silent and cold PC ?

Postby promeneur » Wed Nov 24, 2021 3:26 pm

0. some problems may occurs:
- cpu too hot
- fah does not decrease its cpu power consumption when you launch an app.
- setting "folding power"to "light" or "medium" does not work

In this case
see the Bruce solution



see my solution

1. I tested Bruce's solution.

The CPU of my PC gets 4 cores.
FAH settings : Power "full" when i am "working"

- my solution "cpulimit --exe FahCore_a8 --limit 50" : about 32 °C
- Bruce's solution "only one core for folding" : about 42 °C

Bruce's solution is easy but does nor work with gpu fah core
My solution is complex but works with every type (cpu or gpu) fah core.

2. My solution

We can use cpulimit (supplied with standard repos).
See doc

You must start an instance of cpulimit for each core fah expects to use. For example in my case fah expects to use a4 and a7 cores then at startup systemd starts one occurrence for a4 and one for a7.

For each occurrence, you must create a service.

In my case, cpu gets 4 cores and I want to limit to 12.5 % the use of each core and FAH expects to use a7 cores. According to the doc, I must set "limit" to "50"

Obviously, you can replace "a7" by any Fahcore name.

in /etc/systemd/system/

create "cpulimit_a7.service" file

put in it
Code: Select all
# /etc/systemd/system/cpulimit_a7.service

Description=Run cpulimit for fah a7 core

ExecStart=/usr/bin/cpulimit --exe FahCore_a7 --limit 50


update its ownership and permissions as below
Code: Select all
$ sudo chown root:root /etc/systemd/system/cpulimit_a7.service
 $ sudo chmod u=rw,go=r /etc/systemd/system/cpulimit_a7.service

Reload systemd manager configuration

Code: Select all
        $ sudo systemctl daemon-reload

with "service manager" tool :
- set cpulimit_a7 service to "activate", "start mode" to "At system startup" then "apply" and check start does not fail

Repeat the procedure for all the FAH cores you expect.


If someone can help. I get a little problem. When with "yast service manager" I start the service then the service is well started, but the dialog does not finish then I must kill the service manager. Perhaps we must add something in the service file.
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Re: [tuto] openSUSE 15.3,How to get a silent and cold PC ?

Postby Whompithian » Thu Nov 25, 2021 7:30 am

You can condense the steps from:

create "cpulimit_a7.service" file


Code: Select all
$ sudo systemctl daemon-reload


Code: Select all
sudo systemctl edit --full --force cpulimit_a7.service

I'm afraid I can't help with the yast problem, though.
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