Folding with unsupported distros or without package manager

FAH provides a V7 client installer for Debian / Mint / Ubuntu / RedHat / CentOS / Fedora. Installation on other distros may or may not be easy but if you can offer help to others, they would appreciate it.

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Folding with unsupported distros or without package manager

Postby ilkyest » Thu Sep 18, 2014 3:26 am

Hello pals.

It's very simple run (I won't use install term here...) folding at home in a lot of distros without, even, supported ones.

When you download the package, centOS, debian, or RPM ones, the principal files are there. Any extractor of them will show you, in some folder, the "fahclient" and "fahcorewrapper" aplications, that will run folding at home

On GPU folding, what you need now is if your distro releases opencl-"yourdriver" with video driver. Arch linux doesn't. If not, you MUST install opencl-"yourdriver" to fold with GPU

Well... I downloaded some package, extracted it, and now, I've created folder with the both "fahxxxxx" aplications, what I do?

Execute in a terminal "fahclient --configure" and voilá

If doubts where found... ask here.. I'll may help as I can
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