how to pause/finish folding ...

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Re: how to pause/finish folding ...

Postby bruce » Thu Sep 29, 2016 8:04 pm

The Chrome client runs a version of the Gromacs FAHCore which is similar to FahCore_a4, They'll do the same kind of work even though the points are not calculated the same way and the WUs tend to be small.

Chrome doesn't make it as easy to diagnose potential problems as FAHClient does. The latter has good logs that allow us to identify and fix many types of problems which might also be happening with Chrome but without clear error indications.
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Re: how to pause/finish folding ...

Postby prbp » Thu Dec 06, 2018 1:00 pm

For some reason, current versions of Google Chrome have notifications disabled by default, so closing the folding tab does not prompt to finish the current WU :-(
I found two solutions:
- starting an incognito window: for some reason it does present a notification for closing the tab.
- without using incognito windows, press the "View site information" (button left from the site address line) for the nacl page, and choose option "Site settings" to enable notifications; as the notification setting cannot be modified directly here, press the left arrow to go to general "Content settings", then choose "Notifications" and press button "Add" next to "Allow" and fill the address of the nacl page to allow notifications for this site page; then you will have to reload the page for the settings to have effect, but it looks like the option to finish the current WU when closing the tab is back.
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