NaCl Client Released to open beta

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NaCl Client Released to open beta

Postby jcoffland » Sat Feb 22, 2014 4:28 am

  • 1 - Introduction
We are happy to release a Folding App that works completely within the Chrome Browser (minimum version 31 on Windows, Linux and OSX). This Folding App is targeted towards casual donors who prefer to fold few hours a day. The WUs are specifically designed to take roughly an hour on an average system. This allows the Folding App to run on laptops, ultra-portable and even old systems. You can set-up the Folding App within seconds without any issue.

Currently the Folding App uses only the CPU. There isn't any support for GPU.

Below is an overview of Sections to help you navigate with ease:
Technical Details
Additional Links

  • 2 - Requirements
In order to use the Folding App, you need to cover these three basic requirements:
1) Use the Chrome Browser (Details)
2) Install the Folding App from the Chrome Web Store (Details)
3) Launch the Folding App and you are now folding!

Please note that there are some additional options which you can use to enhance your Folding experience:
1) You may configure the Folding App with a username (Details), Team number (Details) and a passkey (Details) though none of these are required. Do note that passkey is needed if you want to earn additional points for successfully finishing the Work Unit (WU) quickly.
2) If you don't want to install the Folding App, you can always use the direct link in any Chrome Browser installed on Windows, Linux and OSX (Details).

  • 3 - Troubleshooting
If for some reason, you are encountering an issue, here are some possible solutions:

1) Make sure that you are using the latest Chrome Browser. The minimum supported version is version 31

2) Make sure that your system is connected to the internet.

3) If the Folding App fails to install, ensure that you have enabled Reset the app launcher install state on every restart:
> A) Open a New tab in Chrome
> B) Enter chrome://flags/#disable-app-launcher
> C) Click on Enable
> D) Restart Chrome

4) If you are using the direct link (not the Folding App), make sure that you have enabled Native Client:
> A) Open a New tab in Chrome
> B) Enter chrome://flags/#enable-nacl
> C) Click on Enable
> D) Restart Chrome

5) If you can't fold, make sure that you have disabled Native Client GDB-based debugging:
> A) Open a New tab in Chrome
> B) Enter chrome://flags/#enable-nacl-debug
> C) Click on Disable
> D) Restart Chrome

  • 4 - Technical Details
This is the first F@H Client that is fully open sourced. The F@H Native Client (NaCl) uses a new Assignment Server (AS) and a new version of the Work Server (WS) which exposes a JSON interface with additional security for third party developers. The folding is done on a Gromacs (version 4.6.5) based FahCore which is closed-source for security reasons. Third party developers are encouraged to participate in the development (Details) and users can also keep track of open issues (Details). Developers can view the log file generated from NaCl by choosing the console view from the DevTools Window.

  • 5 - Additional Links
Below are some of the links that you may find useful:
Folding App Source Code: Details
Folding App FAQs: Details
Third Party Forum: Details
Folding@Home Homepage: Details
Chrome DevTools: Details

Thank you for donating your unused CPU Cycles to Folding@Home.
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