FAHClient v7.4.4 Public Release

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FAHClient v7.4.4 Public Release

Postby jcoffland » Wed Mar 19, 2014 3:23 am

Public Release


This release adds a new and improved Web interface which is cleaner, hopefully more intuitive and displays your personal and team points.
FAHViewer can now display proteins from FahCore_17 (JSON Data).
In addition, there are a number of bug fixes and enhancements over the last public v7.3.6 release.

Installation and user guides can be found here:
Pictorial Installation Guide (Windows) -> A detailed pictorial guide of the V7 installation.
Pictorial Installation Guide (Linux) -> A detailed pictorial guide of the V7 installation.
Pictorial Installation Guide (OSX) -> A detailed pictorial guide of the V7 installation.
FAHControl -> The Graphical User Interface (GUI) that controls the Slots.
FAHViewer -> It shows the protein being folded, if applicable.
Client Remote Interface -> Documentation for 3rd party developers.
Main Page -> Main page of the V7.

Getting Help
Aside from the documentation the best place to get help is in this forum. If you do have a problem post a message. There are many knowledgeable people ready and willing to help. Keep in mind, we greatly appreciate thorough reports delivered by patient people who can keep a cool head even when things go wrong.

Open Tickets Ordered by Milestone and Priority
Active Tickets by Change Time
Note: Some tickets may be closed because they are fixed in an upcoming internal release but are not yet fixed in the beta release.

Change Logs:
  • Fixed failure to update GPUs.txt file. #1115
  • Don't delete slots on initialization error. #1117
  • Always allow (localhost) to connect to FAHClient. #1120
  • Tweaks to Web control. #1116
  • Don't display points for Anonymous or team 0.
  • Allow saving cuda-index=0 and opencl-index=0. #1106
  • Fixed Failed to remove directory './work/00'. #1058
  • Fixed GPU Names Are Too Long. #1061
  • Removed links to Advanced Control and 3D Viewer. #1110
  • Changed Web Control menu too look more like NaCl client.
  • Updated year. #1090
  • ATI -> AMD. #1091
  • Change debian default 'anonymous' -> 'Anonymous'. #1113
  • Improved GPUs.txt download.
  • Added 'paused', restored function of 'pause-on-start'. #1100
  • Resolve all AS IP addresses and try each one. #1094
  • Save config.xml on any changes.
  • Fixed QRB calculation, again. #1044
  • Report progress down to 0.01%.
  • Correct for cores which report incorrect frame/step. #888
  • OSX: workaround for slow communication on 10.9 as service. #1103
  • Removed trigger-save command, no longer necessary.
  • Only allow one visualization type per WU.
  • Update GPUs.txt when gpu=true, log message on update.
  • Disabled stall detection by default.
  • Added options stall-detection-enabled, stall-timeout & stall-percent.
  • Fix 'cpus' count. Use user value if set. #1074
  • Swapped user and team in bug report. #1076
  • Hide overflow on slot tabs. #1061
  • OSX: idle on login window or display sleep. #944
  • Only autoconfigure Fermi or better NVidia GPUs in Linux. #1084
  • Fixed error when all slots are removed. #1088
  • Project links open in new window/tab. #1079
  • Hide upper right close button on dialogs. #1078
  • Wait at least 30 minutes & 5% before declaring WU stalled. #1059
  • Added assign-gpu2.stanford.edu as backup GPU AS.
  • Don't open FAHViewer fullscreen from Web Client. #1067
  • Attempt to fix stall detection. #1059
  • Catch and suppress "Failed to wait on process ####:No child processes"
  • Idle applies to each slot. #1060
  • Attempt to fix long GPU name jumble. #1061
  • Show yellow spinner for finishing in Web Control. #1065
  • Updated default CPU counts. #1013
  • Accept IE 11 masquerading as Mozilla 11. #1073
  • Display full bug URL after report. #1071
  • Fixed project description layout. #1068
  • Various Web Control tweaks. #1062, #1063, #1064, #1070
  • Fixed bug when converting a CPU slot to GPU slot while running.
  • Autoconfigure GPU slot in 64-bit Linux.
  • Experimental installer improvements.
  • Slots remember pause status through restart.
  • New Web client design.
  • Separated power/pause/on-idle.
  • Points in Web client.
  • Limit max-unit-errors and max-slot-errors to range (1, 20). #1020
  • Use SMP:N-1 by default if any GPU slots exists. #1013
  • Don't try to cleanup if WU is still running. #1037 #1023
  • Detect stalled WUs and dump. #1043
  • Fixed QRB calculation. #1044
  • Don't return failed WUs after their expiration. #1030
  • Only compute bonus if passkey is set. #1040
  • Fixed reset of slot boolean options. #984
  • Only warn on invalid options during startup.
  • Read Core 0x17 JSON visualization files.
  • Autoconfigure CPU slot first. Changes default order.
  • Better recovery of Web Client on reloads.
  • Added 'gui-enable' option to allow disabling the GUI in Windows.
  • Added 'web-enable' option to allow disabling the Web server.
  • Added 'command-enable' option to allow disabling the command server.
  • Fixed command-address='' to disable command server.
  • Increased the default number of processing threads from 4 to 6.
  • OSX: Moved apps to /Applications/Folding@home/.
  • OSX: Renamed FAHClient.url to Web Control.url.
  • OSX: Added uninstaller package.
  • Use timeout for initial ETA estimates so WU doesn't hang at 0%.
  • Show progress to 1/1000ths place.
  • Increase default max-slot-errors to 10.
  • Reset slot error counts when power-level changes.
  • Fixed cause pref update in Web Control. #986
  • Removed trigger-save command, no longer necessary.
  • Reordered toolbar.
  • Move Viewer button to right of power bar. #304
  • Changed FAHControl title bar to say Advanced Control. #982
  • Right clicking on slot brings up correct slot menu. Mentioned in #1060
  • Removed Configure->Advanced->Optimizations. #1069
  • Split power slider to power + fold/pause/finish.
  • Added "on idle" & "always on" to slot menu.
  • Removed Percent CPU usage, not currently support by any cores. #1056
  • Restored ctrl-a and ctrl-c functionality in log view. #1002

No change.

  • ESC ends fullscreen mode. #1067
  • Default screen size changed to 800x600. #1081
  • Automatically detect type of input files on command line.
  • Read JSON files. #980

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