Request for technical advice regarding upgrades and options.

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Re: Request for technical advice regarding upgrades and options.

Postby kiore » Tue Apr 06, 2010 2:29 pm

NVIDIA gpus currently outperform the ATI on F@H, basically the higher the shader count the faster it will pump WUs and points.
What you get will depend on your budget, your power supply and the cooling in your rig. A small selection below:
The GT 240 is a nice low power performer, that doesn't need power leads and seems to get 4kppd.
The 9800GT needs 1 power lead, is getting a little old but a well respected folding card, I get 4-5kppd.
The GTX 260 (216 version) is power hungrier more expensive and hotter, need 2x 6 pin power leads, I get 7-9kppd on mine.
The GTX 275 is about the same as the 260 power wise but more expensive has more shaders 240 as opposed to 216 and I get 9-10k ppd.

The new 470 and 480 are untried as yet but probably high output, definitely high cost and reportedly high temps.

Have a look at the GPU comparison table.

To improve performance I use Rivatuner to overclock the shaders only, don't bother with factory OCed gpus, using something like rivatuner much easier and better results, personally I would recommend the GT 240 or the GTX 275 depending on what you can afford or power.

edit too many 4's on the shader count for the 275..whoops..44444
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Re: Request for technical advice regarding upgrades and options.

Postby JimF » Tue Apr 06, 2010 3:13 pm

Adam A. Wanderer wrote: What features should the board have and which features are most important? 2. Once installed, are there particular settings and/or options, in the Nvidia Control Panel for example, that will produce a higher output?

I am running 5 GT240's and averaging 3600 PPD (7-day average) per card, with 2 of them having GDDR5 memory and the other 3 having DDR3. The GDDR5 memory gives about a 5 to 6 percent increase in Folding performance. All but one of the cards have 1GB memory, which may not be necessary at the moment but I think is worthwhile for possible future increases in memory requirements. All but one of the cards are dedicated to folding only, which minimizes the GPU memory used. But the other one also drives my monitor under Win7 64-bit with Aero enabled, and it often exceeds the 512MB limit, so I would definitely use a 1GB card in that situation.

I enable the "larger than 10MB" work assignment limit, which should improve your score. I don't know of any settings in the Nvidia Control Panel that necessarily help. You could disable PhysX, but that is not used anyway and I don't see any difference. But I don't do 3D games either.
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Re: Request for technical advice regarding upgrades and options.

Postby toTOW » Tue Apr 06, 2010 10:44 pm

The GT240 has been reviewed on FAH-Addict ;) (and the 9800 GTX+, which is now known as GTS250, and use a bit less power).
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