BIOS version can make a big difference

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BIOS version can make a big difference

Postby CeeVee » Mon Apr 24, 2017 11:37 pm

Some information to maybe help someone else in future.
I recently built two machines which were as near as possible identical.
Each were 2p Opteron 16 core processors using Supermicro H8DGI-F motherboards.
I built the first one and, following suggestion on these boards, installed the Beta version of the folding software.
They are CPU only folding and I was a bit disappointed when the first one built only gave me about 40K PPD, which compares poorly with my AMD 8350 which gives about 20K PPD.
I built the second one and was a bit taken aback when it was giving 100K PPD.
On close inspection the only difference I could see was that the 'low' machine was on BIOS revison 2.0b where the 'high' machine was on 3.5b.
After flashing the BIOS on the low machine they both now return about 100K PPD.
So BIOS versions can make a big difference to PPD.
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