Android Abandoned? [No]

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Re: Android Abandoned?

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MeeLee wrote:If it'll work for Linux on ARM, it should work for Android.
Linux is a better platform to fold off than Android.
The difference between both operating systems is minimal, since Android is based on Linux.

There is no "Linux OS". It's a wide variety of distributions (distros), many based off common bases but definitely not all. For example: you may have heard of Ubuntu which is trying to make Linux more mainstream. Its foundation is actually Debian. Not further more, there are distros (such as Mint which aims to be less resource intensive) based off of Ubuntu. Generally, on the command level anything that works for Debian works for anything based off of it. YOU could actually design your own distro. It might be only you and your best friend running it, but you could. :)

Android starts off with the basics of Linux (there's a general core) and then deviates off form there. The only thing like it is Chrome OS (ChromeBooks) which is separate but Google has been working on integration between the two for some years.

Google doesn't make any money off its OS. It makes it off its services through the OS. Manufacturers oddly have to have permission to include those services, most namely Google Play services with their devices. That's why some Chinese brands don't have it by default (although you can install it yourself).

There IS a AARCH64 client (that's 64 bit ARM devices which are newer phones and tablets) for Folding@home but they haven't released it as yet despite Neocortix's announcement 2 days ago. You can visit Neocortix's website at: -or- you can search on Folding@home ARM64.

(There's nothing about Sony's old client there. I learned that communicating with them a few months back after the Rosetta announcement. I don't mind plugging them as they aren't immediately benefiting from this.)

So far still nothing about any new clients...with the GPU spree going on, one would think they want to take advantage of new optimized clients even if they aren't ready to launch the ARM client.

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