Client: local Connecting Inactive (7.6.9 on Win 10)

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BT Dubs
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Client: local Connecting Inactive (7.6.9 on Win 10)

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My FAH Control window occasionally appears stippled out and shows "Client: local Connecting Inactive". The Web browser interface behaves like it's having trouble connecting, although other tabs on the same browser work for accessing various Internet resources (I realize fah is a local resource). I thought perhaps the service really is running, and a TCP/IP failure prevents querying it. I disabled Window's Network firewall, but it doesn't help.

I looked for a way to attach my log file, but it appears there's no file attachment facility on this board. I haven't posted here in a long time, so I'm a bit rusty on the usual process.

Windows is 10 Pro, version 20H2 build 19042.804.

How should I go about troubleshooting now while it appears to be consistently failing this way currently?

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Re: Client: local Connecting Inactive (7.6.9 on Win 10)

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As far as you OS is concerned, should always be accessible since it's the IP address of the so-called loopback adapter. If FAHClient is running, it should always be listening on port 36330 as well as other ports.

In Config.xml the entries
<allow v=",..."/>
<command-allow-no-pass v=",..."/>

must always be present although the ... part is often extended to include entries for your LAN. [e.g. mine is <allow v=","/> but yours may vary]

If you remove the unpredictable failures can be expected.

If FAHClient is not running as a service (Linux/MacOS) or hidden on the active desktop (WIndows) it FAControl obviously cannot connected to it.
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Re: Client: local Connecting Inactive (7.6.9 on Win 10)

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Welcome to Folding@Home!

It's worth noting that the current version is 7.6.21 so you may be suffering from solved bugs.

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Re: Client: local Connecting Inactive (7.6.9 on Win 10)

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I am assuming a typo, the current client version is 7.6.21. As mentioned, a number of fixes have been done since 7.6.9.

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