Are new drivers not working?

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Are new drivers not working?

Post by TheBeerdedVillain »

I have an Intel i5-10400 with UHD 630 Graphics built in, but when I try to add the beta-gpu:true to the config, it doesn't appear to work at all. The last reports in this thread are from months ago, so I was wondering if this is a futile effort, or if there is a way to get my iGPU to assist, even if it's not the most efficient, but still doing some form of folding.

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Re: Are new drivers not working?

Post by aetch »

1). Check your config
If you're editing the config file directly your entry should look like this -> "<gpu-beta v='true'/>"

If you're doing the changes in the advanced control panel you should be looking for:-
name: gpu-beta
value: true

2). Is your intel iGPU actually enabled in bios/uefi? Check your device manager for "Display adapters".
Technically, the Intel iGPU is an on-board GPU.
If you have installed a discrete GPU it's quite likely your motherboard has disabled the iGPU.
There should be settings in your motherboard to re-enable the iGPU even though you're not using it as a display. The settings vary between manufacturers and individual motherboards.

3). How were the drivers installed?
Download and install the drivers from the Intel website for your iGPU. Don't rely on the driver installed by Windows, they're usually only enough to get your computer running.

4). Are there work units available for your iGPU to use?
I don't know the answer to this. I only know that the last few times I enabled my iGPU it sat idle for days on end without ever getting a work unit.
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Re: Are new drivers not working?

Post by toTOW »

There is currently no work available for Intel iGPUs ...

The only projects that are able to use them are the small Moonshot sprint projects.

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