Disabled GPU

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Disabled GPU

Post by philipcliang »

My GPU shows as disabled.
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Re: Disabled GPU

Post by aetch »

Welcome to the forums

There are a few reasons to why your GPU might show as disabled:-
1). it is an Intel iGPU/GPU, these are still in testing and have not yet been approved for full FAH (Folding At Home) use.
2). you do not have suitable drivers installed
3). it is and AMD/NVidia card that has been blacklisted because it does not have the performance and/or features required to run FAH
4). you GPU is missing from the GPU whitelist

The first thing I would suggest is downloading and installing the latest drivers from the website of the manufacturer of your GPU (AMD/NVidia)

Black/White List
The client downloads a file called "gpu.txt", this is a white/black list of the current known GPUs.
c:\ProgramData\FAHClient\gpu.txt (ProgramData is a hidden folder so you may need to tweak your folder settings to view it)

An example and breakdown of a GPU.txt entry

Code: Select all

0x8086:0x591d:3:1:KBL GT2 [HD Graphics P630]
0x8086 - this is the manufacturer code
0x591d - this is the card identifier
3:1 - these are indexes used by FAH to identify the manufacturer and species of GPU in your system. The point of this is to group together similar cards. If this shows "0:0" then the card has been blacklisted and is disabled.
KBL GT2 [HD Graphics P630] - this is a description of the GPU

Missing from list
It is entirely possible your GPU is missing from the black/white list.
While FAH do pre-emptively add the main GPUs to the list sometimes a 3rd party manufacturer releases a variant of a GPU with a new identifier.
If this is the case we will need additional info from your computer.

I hope this helps.
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Re: Disabled GPU

Post by JimboPalmer »

Welcome to Folding@Home!

I agree with everything aetch says so let me add more.

MacOS never uses the GPU, and Windows does not use it if you set up the client as a service.

Both Windows and Linux want the official drivers straight from the vendor: Nvidia or AMD.

Some older GPUs lack OpenCL 1.2 compliance or 64 bit floating point math, both are needed for F@H.

We don't know what GPU or Opererating System you are using, so it is hard to be more specific. Here is how to post a log, the first 100 lines tell us much about your setup.

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