DCN future in light of (gradual) PCoIP gaming adoption

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DCN future in light of (gradual) PCoIP gaming adoption

Post by wuffy68 »

Forward looking question that's probably been answered somewhere. With the gradual adoption of PCoIP/cloud gaming, how do DCNs plan on migrating from an at-home model to one that requires a subscription service to a cloud data center. People may be willing to pay-to-play games ... But paying to fold or crunch 24/7 might be a bridge too far (even though it currently shows up in their utility bill and equipment wear-n-tear). I know gaming isn't going to happen for another ~10 years but as far as office, 3D CAD and training application, my company is already there. Just wondering if there are plans to enable individual contributions under the future paradigm without the costs of cloud.
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Re: DCN future in light of (gradual) PCoIP gaming adoption

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All cloud gaming solutions I know have banned usages like distributed computing (or they don't even offer the possibility to install your own programs) ... their business model is all about selling more capacity than they actually have too keep their systems busy, and 24/7 use cases don't fit in their plans.
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