The Extreme FAH Stats page

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The Extreme FAH Stats page

Post by farleymartinez »

Hi All,
I have been folding now almost a year, according to my calculations I have 2,102 WU's - 9,169,833 Points, Team Ranking of 11,664
I have on the Extreme FAH Stats page been able to find my Team Name, But not my Team Number.
Also I've fogotten how to add a screen shot , Ive tried using the "Take a Screen Shot" and pasting it between the IMG tags, does not work for me.
Am I missing something?

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Re: The Extreme FAH Stats page

Post by JimboPalmer »

Welcome to Folding@Home!

They are an Independent site, not a part of Folding@Home, here is contact information:

Some of their folks do answer questions here as well.
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