scripted Silent uninstall

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scripted Silent uninstall

Post by mveras1972 »

Is there a silent uninstall option for FAH Client? I am trying to create an automated script to push it to a group of machines where we want to uninstall the client silently. Please advise. Thanks!
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Re: scripted Silent uninstall

Post by Joe_H »

Not that I am aware of. The package for all three OSs include an uninstaller, but as privileges are required to install they are also required to uninstall.

My assumption is that you are following the F@h terms of use which include only installing on machines you own or have permission to use the folding client on. If you don't ownership or permission, then please do not install the client. The F@h project does not need negative perceptions that come from misuse of the software.

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Re: scripted Silent uninstall

Post by calxalot »

The uninstaller pkg is at ... r/releases

You can uninstall via script with

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sudo installer -target / -pkg fah-uninstaller_0.1.5_all.pkg
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