AMD Radeon RX7900XTX

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AMD Radeon RX7900XTX

Post by Sven »

I was lucky and got one. I haven't read anything about this card. Am I the first who want's to try to fold on it?

If there is no reason why not to fold on it, then I will put it in my Folding Rig for now and will post the Id here afterwards.

If there is a restriction then it goes into my Gaming-PC.
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Re: AMD Radeon RX7900XTX

Post by JimboPalmer »

Welcome to Folding@Home! ... -xtx.c3941

There is no reason to think there will be issues with the GPU. It may not find proteins large enough to keep it fully occupied, F@H will not use the RT cores.

Best of luck!
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Re: AMD Radeon RX7900XTX

Post by Mxyzptlk »

It folds... About a 1/3 to 1/4 PPD of a 4080.... ... _7900xtxtx
I fold..... look at my folding setups here:
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