Project 14950 : Multiple Bad work units

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Project 14950 : Multiple Bad work units

Post by pyrocyborg »

I don't get bad work units often now that my PCs are "stable". Maybe 1/2000 or 1/3000, mainly due to power surge and things like that. Today, between 20:29 and 2:24 UTC, I got pushed Project 14950 nine times on 7 different PCs. Well, all 9 WU got dumped almost instantly, and these are stable PCs by all mean. I guess we got a bad batch of project 14950 work units for some reason?

Looking at the wesbite, I can see that these all failed 5 times, so I guess I answered my own question. Are the scientists automatically informed of the situation?
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Re: Project 14950 : Multiple Bad work units

Post by toTOW »

Yes, the bad WUs are automatically turned off after a few retries ...

But posting some logs and WU references could help us reporting them directly to the researcher.

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