remote access/control

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remote access/control

Post by BlackFeather »

i have 2 computers, 1 i for daily use and 1 for learning how to build. but the second one is usually hidden and not very accessable. so i experimented with the remote access in FAHControl but i just cant figure it out. its the same ip adress but i cant connect. is that even how it workes? if yes, can someone please help me?
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Re: remote access/control

Post by PaulTV »

If you are using the current main version of F@h, 7.6.21, have a look at viewtopic.php?t=37751. If you're using a beta version of F@h, 8.*, there definitely is a way, but I'm not familiar with that version yet.

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Re: remote access/control

Post by calxalot »

You should only need to set a password on the remote computer. If it is headless, you can ssh in and set from command line

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FAHClient —send-command “option password ‘mypass’”
That is a double dash before send-command.
Your access password is not encrypted, nor is the connection to a remote via FAHControl.
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