PC black screen crashes

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PC black screen crashes

Post by quasimoto »

My PC has started doing black screen crashes, with logs mentioning dwm.exe and nvidia drivers, soon after installing F@H. Through memory tests and stress tests, the cause seems to be when the GPU (a Nvidia 3060) begins to be used and stressed.
These issues persist even after uninstalling F@H, and numerous driver updates/other debug attempts. Are there any persistent configuration changes that F@H might have caused, or would this be a coincidental issue?
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Re: PC black screen crashes

Post by toTOW »

If the GPU was barely stable or close to his end of life, it might have exacerbated the issue. It might also have revealed some issues from other components like PSU ...

Is the system clean from dust ? Do you still get issues when you run stress tests on the system (OCCT, StressCPU v2, Furmark, Memtest86+, ...) ?

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