Attention owners of ARM hardware (Raspberry Pi, etc)

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Attention owners of ARM hardware (Raspberry Pi, etc)

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Folding at home has NOT released a client that runs on ARM hardware. You will hear an official announcement if / when one is ready to be released. Stop messing with beta code unless you hear an official announcement. It's called beta because it's in development and it's not ready to release.

Those rumors that you've heard from unofficial sources are FALSE and the unofficial installation details are inaccurate. by "playing with it" you're swamping our servers with error messages that are not useful plus you're giving us a bad name.

Clearly we're working on an ARM client but we do not make preannouncments. Moreover do we give a date when something will be ready or when it will be withdrawn unless it's TODAY. Other companies may choose to do so and they give the software industry a bad name by distributing software that's still in development.